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IS: CNN Films had been in talks with the White House about various projects and this one came up organically. Seeing that truly made such a deep impression on me. IS: Just on a personal note, no matter how bad you think you've got it, there are people who are moving mountains and going through the valleys every day to make something of themselves.

The documentary group worked with people on the ground in both countries and put out feelers to U. It was a reminder of just the tenacity and strength of women and girls around the world.

IS: You struggle not to just have your mouth open the whole time.

Because it is kind of jaw-dropping Like, let's not get jaded about it in any way, shape, or form. She's an incredibly accomplished woman in her own right. And when she walks into a room, her light and her energy just floods it.

For me, actually doing the film, it was just so much pride. And they came back with a whole stack that they just profiled. And every time they doubt themselves and what they can do, they will go back to the moment that they were chosen and that they're on the right track. And seeing the school bag that she cherishes and prizes so greatly and her opening that bag and having her show me her books and talking to me about her hopes and dreams.

And when you see her with the girls and you see her in these various settings and you see how everyone just melts and how she has the impact to really shape and inspire. MC: What do you think her White House legacy will be when she moves out in January?I had this moment with her at the end of the Morocco shoot where she was being incredibly kind and lovely to me about my work and my commitment to these issues.And I actually had to say to her, in a really nerdy way, "You're not going to make me CNN Films, premiering on CNN this Wednesday, October 12.The film follows Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto, and CNN journalist Isha Sesay as they meet dozens of girls in Liberia and Morocco who are fighting for their right to an education, fighting for the opportunity to better themselves and their loved ones, fighting to prove that they can do it.

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