Camolo love chat

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Camolo love chat

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In February, I spent five days on the Big Island and in April, I spent five days in Maui. I have admitted that I like Spam and haven’t been ostracized by my food writer friends. I've been giving shakas (the hang loose sign) freely around town.

Basically, I figured if I got the best chefs to try and make the best poke possible and allow people to sample it, I was pretty sure I could get people to show up.

I Love Poke is set to sell out at 500 this year, just as it did last year. I'm comfortable with just having 500 happy Poke Lovers attend.

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It all just comes down to who makes the best poke that day!

To compliment all the poke that everyone will be stuffing down their face, our dessert section has grown!

We will have two shave ice companies, malasadas, cupcakes, cakes and a li hing mui fresh fruit bar.

Chuao Chocolate is also new to our festival, and they will allow our attendees to sample some of their most delicious bonbons.

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