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Camdudes for girls

Tischa van der Cammen obtained her medical degree at Leiden University in 1973, and dual accreditation in Internal and Geriatric Medicine in 1979 (NL) and 1984 (UK).

She received her training in Geriatric Medicine at University College Hospital London, where she was co-founder of the first Memory Clinic in Europe in 1982.

Though Gheyna is careful to agree only to talk in private, her following reaction makes it clear that the Warden successfully seduced her off screen.

This results in a one-off romance with Gheyna which The Warden can then choose to inform Cammen about, which will ruin the possible relationship between him and Gheyna.

The research of Tischa is directed at determinants of falls in older persons, with the aim to identify the contribution of ageing, drugs, polypharmacy, and muscle atrophy to fall risk.

Especially, reversibility of fall risk and prevention of further falls are areas of interest.

She is a member of many national and international scientific societies on ageing.Currently, as a postdoctoral teaching and research associate at the University of Maine, Kristina is conducting research on the population dynamics and disease ecology of gray and harbor seals in the Gulf of Maine.She is interested in how nutrient availability and ocean acidification impact phytoplankton physiology and diversity. research, she studied iron limitation in diatoms using transcriptomics and targeted gene expression methods.Her belief is that Cammen will not be able to provide for their future family if he does not hone these skills.After accepting the sidequest Cammen's Lament, The Warden may then chat with Gheyna and persuade her to give Cammen a chance or, if you are a male warden, it is possible to have a 'private chat' with Gheyna if you choose the dialogue option in which you say she needs a real man rather than the pathetic Cammen.

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Or alternatively seduce Cammen themselves (if the Warden is female) and inform Gheyna ensuring that the pair never get together.

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