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Breastfeeding sex baby badwap com

I thought they were horrifying."At the other end of the emotional spectrum, you may love your new breasts and the sensuality of nursing, but worry that your feelings are inappropriate. Then there are women who get upset if their husbands want to suck on their nipples.Some are afraid of transmitting husband-to-baby germs; others have trouble reconciling that their breasts are both erotic and functional.

Until your breasts adjust to nursing, "it's perfectly okay to offer your husband a 'look but don't touch' rule," suggests Semans.The point isn't to judge your partner's feelings, or for him to judge yours, but for each of you to express your needs and try to meet them as generously as possible.Whether you want a nap, help with the dishes, or a night at the movies with your girlfriends, tell your husband you'd like him to step in.How you handle these conflicts now can define your future relationship—as lovers and as parents.Think hard about what you need, and listen just as hard when your husband talks about his own expectations and vulnerabilities.

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These feelings can lead to a sexual standoff that may seem insurmountable.