Black women dating scene

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You trying to explain politics to a woman would be the equivalent of a woman trying to explain breast-feeding techniques to you.

Recently, there was an article on a liberal site mocking the Stormfront dating page.

How do young, educated, fun loving people in Atlanta meet each other- besides the dairy aisle of the grocery?

This is a subject that is interesting to both Black women and White men.

I’m sure I’ll get hate for that statement, but it’s just a self-evident fact.Establishing a psychological framework of viewing and treating women like children will help you in your dealings with women.Because though they do have functionality in certain professions (generally nothing compared to a man), they are emotionally and psychologically no different from children, in that they deeply desire authority, and will despise you if you present yourself as anything other than an authority – just as an undisciplined child despises his parents and acts out because of it.The reality, however, is that this has more to do with normalizing the practice in the minds of men than it does in the minds of women.Just as a bit of anecdotal evidence for that supposition, Fear the Walking Dead, a new spin-off of The Walking Dead, has two White female leads, both of whom are in relationships with non-Whites (one is literally married to a Paki).

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A woman of any race (besides possibly Asians) is a lot more likely, in any situation, to respond better to “yo baby, I like the way your legs be lookin in dat dress,” than “hi, uh, I was just, uh, wondering if, uh…” Fact of life, deal with it or whine about it, not my issue.

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