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The district has a planning software tool titled Plan Ware, which is an interactive map and student demographic tracker.The interactive map allows us to create zone lines and receive immediate zone population information. Salmon’s data, suggestions, and the Plan Ware to create our new middle school and high school lines.

Fast forward to today and I’m combining all of these things to help clients use perfectly crafted blogs, articles and web copy to speak to those they hadn’t successfully connected with before. Speaking to an audience in a way they dictate on platforms they are already using. It’s about experience, strategy and words that get you to move.

I feel lucky to have met and been able to work with someone as smart, insightful, and talented as Kayla.

Kayla is dedicated to doing a stellar job in all her work and I so appreciate her commitment to detail and overall value.

Salmon once we collect it on the 20th school day after Labor Day.

He will use that data to produce our final numbers and projections.

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Madison City Schools Superintendent of Education Dr.