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Auction hunters carolyn dating

There is a white van in the parking lot, but not the milk truck that is seen on the show.And the new season started in January 2013, suggesting the store opened a month or two earlier. 5) I’ve been unable to find any website for the pawn shop online.A visit to the location would confirm whether the business was in fact still in business, but it wouldn’t confirm the return of the show.But there’s still a chance that something can be done.They could easily have found themselves spending an additional 00 per month which they would then have to make up for.Furthermore, it was mentioned on the show that the bought a failing business, and they may have discovered the reason that business failed.There was plenty of reference to the pawn shop costing money to operate and we did see the shop expanding staff.

Although Allen has had at least one business in the past.This is most likely because there never was one created, and that’s simply bad business management.Many would use this as evidence that it’s fake but there’s many small businesses that have never leaned to make use of online stores.What makes matters worse is that there’s no official or even unofficial word from anyone. Many fans wouldn’t mind that much if the show was cancelled, but they are bothered by not knowing whether the show will come back or not. 1) The show was suppose to run 26 episodes in it’s current season.The show is effectively MIA with all the frustration that brings. The last episode of the season was episode 13, so only half the season was finished. If Allen and Ton were contracted for 26 episodes and only delved 13, there would be a lot of legal issues to deal with and those couldn’t be publicly disclosed.

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We did see that Allen had ordered T-shirts without consulting Ton.

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