Atraf dating israel

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Atraf dating israel

The special packages will be marketed in a no less unique way: Thousands of gay Israelis surfing the Atraf dating website were urged to invite their homosexual friends from Europe to vacation in Israel and enjoy an array of events taking place during Gay and Lesbian Pride Month this June.Tel Aviv’s gay community welcomed the joint initiative with El Al.Atraf is a fun and easy way to connect with other gay guys near you no matter where you are.Meet nearby men, chat with guys that are currently visiting your city and say “Hi” to locals on your next trip.

The website and app are considered a main advertising tool for the LGBT community.

Activists with the AIDS Task Force worry that within a few years the percentage of HIV carriers among gay men in Israel would increase.

“We have to stop burying our heads in the sand and start talking about the subject openly,” Adir Yanko, coordinator of the task force’s prevention and information group told

Men who reported having more than five sexual partners a year reported having sex without a condom at double the frequency of respondents with fewer partners, the study showed.

However, men who were infected with HIV were twice as likely as other respondents to use condoms.

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