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It wasn’t all glamorous – the reason we were all there was very sad.” Raised in Sorel-Tracy, 90 kilometres northeast of Montreal, Litalien, whose first language is French, says she doesn’t yet know enough about how sexual assault is handled at Mc Gill but feels the necessary conversation about it is just getting started in Quebec.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a message for the so-called “Harvard of Canada.” Dear Mc Gill: You Should Really Have A Sexual Assault Policy.

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Universities across the country have been scrambling to institute new policies and consent campaigns in the wake of a torrent of bad publicity and increasing calls for action on sexual assault amid evidence of a rampant rape culture on campus.

A series of public debacles have illustrated how widespread that rape culture is: rape chants during frosh week at St.

That supports a proposed sexual assault policy recently drafted by a panel of Mc Gill students who are pushing the university to adopt it.

Litalien said she has read it and thinks it’s comprehensive and addresses the needs of a wide range of students.

for promoting a safer campus.” The working group of current and former Mc Gill students who drafted it say the goal is to institutionalize mechanisms to prevent and deal with sexual assault within the university community.In February, she was on stage at the Oscars as one of the sexual assault survivors invited by Lady Gaga to join her for a moving performance of Gaga’s song, Til It Happens To You.It is from the documentary film The Hunting Ground, which documents the incidence of sexual assault on college campuses in the U. and the failure of administrators to deal adequately with it.“The best part was meeting the 50 survivors because we have all become activists and there’s a special bond that’s shared,” Litalien said.“We had some really deep conversations with Lady Gaga about healing and moving forward.

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