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Arab millionaire dating sites

I come from a very humble background and left school with no qualifications.I married my boyfriend Steven, a mechanic, straight out of school and, aged 20, gave birth to our daughter Claudia.I remember one book said it was OK to get your compact out at the table because the Queen does that. If I was going to convince someone that I had the same life as them — and, more importantly, that I could fit into their world — I needed to know the places that they were talking about, and exactly how to behave. It’s no good having a beautiful voice if you’re dressed head-to-toe in High Street clothes. I’d already spent my savings on elocution lessons: how could I afford a whole new wardobe — and a designer one at that — on my meagre wage? I took on as many extra shifts as I could manage, and saved every last penny.

He ate in top restaurants, drank the finest champagnes and, I was sure, could have dated any woman he set his sights on.On my profile, I described myself as a ‘fun-loving, sophisticated woman’, and said that I was looking for a man who liked ‘the finer things in life’. I described my job as being for a ‘cosmetics house’ (rather than a local pharmacy) and didn’t give away too much about my background.Obviously I didn’t say that I was looking for someone with money, because that would have put people off, but I hoped it was clear all the same. From the moment I spoke to him, I knew he was the one for me. So for weeks I sent these vague emails, giving him very little information about me but finding out more and more about his life.Here she tells ANNA PURSGLOVE how she succeeded …Last spring, I flew to New York for a date with a man I had not met before.As I walked ­towards the arrivals lounge I frantically smoothed down my clothes, fretting that my carefully selected wardrobe (Moschino shirt, Mulberry holdall and fake-but-convincing diamond earrings) wouldn’t be showy enough to impress an American multi-millionaire.

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But how could a beauty counter assistant from Brigg pull it off?