Apple dating game

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Apple dating game

Both see a world where an app’s inner beauty shines through to make for a better match with a user.App deep links are Google and Apple’s attempt to clear up the lines of communication.said it would sell its Opel and Vauxhall brands to the France’s Groupe PSA SA. His indefatigable search for a rescue, er, partner is exceeded only by his candor to actually say so — and name names (that is, Volkswagen AG, or GM, or whoever would have Italian-American agglomeration) in the process.“I have no doubt that at the relevant time VW may show up to have a chat,” Marchionne said in Geneva, according to Bloomberg News. Without even blinking, I could” because his preferred partner is “still GM.”Doesn’t matter that VW again says “nein, danke,” whatever its on-again, off-again lust for FCA’s Alfa Romeo.Doesn’t matter that GM repeats its “not interested” brush-off, arguably with more intent now that it’s bagging the traditional auto business in Europe. Despite record auto sales and fat profits in the United States; despite a new, far more business-friendly administration in the White House; despite the prospect of Team Trump easing tough federal fuel-economy targets, the global auto industry clearly is moving into another round of consolidation.The whole thing comes across as more than a bit shambolic in retrospect, although given that the audience consisted of Apple sales people they probably enjoyed it.But there is one little touch of Jobsian attention to detail: note the colours of the developers' polo shirts...Follow him on Twitter @Daniel Howes_TDN, listen to his Saturday podcasts, or catch him 3 and 10 p.m.Thursdays on Michigan Radio’s “Stateside,” 91.7 FM.

Despite the humourous context, Gates attempts valiantly to talk seriously about how much software Microsoft is going to make for the Mac (and how much money he's going to make from it).It’s a great method of boosting retention since you’re now providing utility to the customer.Google last year upped the ante for both developers and mobile device owners, letting some searchers give particular apps a test run before installing them on a mobile device. and only on newer Android devices, it’s clear Google sees this as the future of app indexing.At the outset you’re not sure you’re compatible, but you can’t help digging the look. Within seconds, you realize it’s a Venus-Mars kind of thing.You’re bored, wonder about ongoing performance issues, and often end up stuck with the bill without nothing to show for it.

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“It’s logical because of all the investments we need to face.”Namely, dramatically increasing the fuel-efficiency and emissions performance of traditional cars, trucks and SUVs.

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