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In the coming weeks and months - as the crisis deepens - Railroad Workers United will do our best to fill this void as best we can. On March 15th, 2016 the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) announced a Proposed Rule on Train Crew Staffing for trains in the United States.But it is up to you - each and every rank & filer - to demand answers, to insist on the right to know, to get involved in the bargaining process, the get behind your bargaining team, and to be ready to take action in our collective defense. 1 - An example of union officials actually connecting with the rank & file, taking questions and providing information and explanations can be seen here in videos: BMWED Town Hall Meeting with President Freddie Simpson National Negotiations Update: The Latest from Mediation 3/1/17 2 - View and/or print an RWU flyer that explains the concept of Coordinated Bargaining: RWU Coordinated Bargaining Flyer3 - Read a special issue of RWU's newsletter certified conductor. While the Proposed Rule has some merit, ultimately it provides a road map by which any rail carrier can apply fort he right to ruin trains with a signle crew member on board.The Unions: In 2014 as bargaining got underway, the unions reshuffledtheir changing alliances and once again, reassembled into three divergent bargaining "coalitions".These include:-- The Coordinated Bargaining Group (CBG) includes the BLET and SMART-TD along with BRS, NCFO, ATDA, IBB and SMART-TD-YDM (58% of rail labor).-- The next largest group (no name) which includes the BRC, IAM, IBEW and TCU.- our quarterly newsletter - and makes it available in hard copy (directly mailed to our members) as well as online.The newsletter reports on issues of concern to the rank & file railroad worker, and offers analysis, opinion and commentary on current affairs in the industry.Currently, the umbrella includes: UP, BNSF, KCS, CSX, NS; a host of CN properties in the U. including IC, GTW and WC; and a variety of smaller roads.

Or you can sign up for RWU News Alerts and get it emailed to you each issue.How many of you have been asked to list a finger to help, to get involved, to support the bargaining team?How many of you know who is even on your bargaining team? Quite likely, many of you were not even aware that your contract was at the present time under negotiation, let alone that it was about to be declared .OR better yet, Join RWU and have a hard copy mailed to you each issue!You can view and make copies of the Current Issue of The Highball.

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(22% of rail labor).-- The smallest group (again, no official name) which is the BMWED and the SMART (20% of rail labor).

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