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Perhaps it’s all in good fun – or simply part of the promotional plan for the indie thriller, which has played at various film festivals and is in limited release in the U. So, now that People Mag has an unnamed source claiming they’re just friends, can everyone go home now? There are conspiracy theories within conspiracy theories on this one. And no, the photos of them have not been consistent at all. Times are tough, bro.let's hope they are dating, as that would be the only positive thing to emerge from the steaming pile of shit known as The East. If I were a hipster my life would be a lot more interesting than this... Well, here’s a thought: if they really were boning and they really weren’t expecting a director’s tweeted photo to go viral, isn’t this exactly how they would try to roll it back? He’s gay, she’s gay, he only likes blondes, he only likes tall women, she’s blah blah blah. Whatever is going on, I hope the freakout continues. Ellen and Alexander are going the extra mile to promote "The East." They both need a movie hit. And Alex knows that True Blood is on it's last legs. The headline is a question mark for a reason: Because the answer is so obviously "Not." One posed photo and shots of them walking in an airport does not a date make. Alex and Ellen were photographed looking couple-y by their director (for The East) in San Francisco over the weekend, with Alex nuzzling and seemingly kissing Ellen’s head.

This was the most recent.[quote]Maybe his agent thinks that having a public "girlfriend" would help his career, make him seem more normal and likeable.Her moving speech received much support and applause from the audience though the "Inception" star looked visibly shaken while delivering the moving piece.According to the star, she had decided to come out because she could not conceal her true sexuality to the public anymore.The 39-year old is yet to comment about the coming out of rumored Ellen Page.Meanwhile, many celebrities expressed their support for the "Juno" star.

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In many photographs that surfaced on the Internet, the two were seen looking extra sweet.

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