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But not all airlines offer a flexible travel date search function, and the number of online travel agencies and meta search travel sites that offer this capability has shrunk recently, with the latest casualty, which just this week eliminated its flexible date search calendar.Travelocity (which, based on the Sabre global distribution system) once had the best flexible date search in the industry), Cheaptickets, Orbitz, and Expedia have all eliminated their 30-day (or longer) flexible date calendar searches, although they still give you the option of searching 1-to-3 days before or after the dates you choose.Almost two years later we launched the Fare and Drive Fare applications.We took great care to include everything we thought was essential and everything you’ve been asking for.

Once you are safe and out of the vehicle, please make any applicable notes in the "Comments" section of the "Fare Summary" page or contact Fare at [email protected] or call (480) 454-1828. Therefore, we ask that you notify us immediately of any violation of this policy so that we may take appropriate action.

I've often extolled the virtues of flexible travel date airfare search.

The number of available seats at the lowest possible fare fluctuates minute by minute as customers book or release reservations, as the airlines adjust the number of seats available in each "fare bucket," and as they add or remove sale fares.

The stress on computing resources also explains why no website offers the holy grail of airfare search: let me enter my specific dates of travel (I want to leave on July 3 and return on July 10) now show me everywhere in the world I can fly at what price.

That is truly a "find a needle in a haystack" data monster.

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Fare takes great care to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability.

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