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3gp memek mamh jahat

To abandon one's self to one's fate, mmbuargkan diri-rya. (for- saken) tertirggal, ktiiggalan; (in- complete, of work) terbargai* ter- b rgkalai ;* ( dese rted ) terb uarg; (profligate) hichah, plonteh (X.

tmpat persm bleha n, tm pa t m m bantu i, * paun (E.).

The preposition di is distinguished from the passive prefix di- by the absence of the hyphen. In the Malay language a very large number of words are derived from root words by the addition of prefixes or suffixes.

Some prefixes and suffixes are only used to form nouns, and others are used with verbs. Prefix p and suffix an, forming abstract nouns from verbs.

Suffix an forming nouns from verbs, and usually expressing the thing which is affected by the action. In some cases, however, where the Malay spelling is different from that of the language from which the word is taken, the spelling of the original is given, and then the absence of the * shows that the word is used by the Babas. Words of European and Chinese origin, marked (D.) (E.) (Eur.) (F.) (Port.) (Ch.), and also Tamil words (Tarn.), are practically all familiar to the Babas. The differences in Baba pronunciation are not usually shown, as it has been thought better to adhere to a uniform system of spelling.

carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, t it, fire, mirror;^ old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how T , oil; thin then. In paraphrases the reader is expected to substitute Baba words where necessary; for instance, sama for the preposition akan, and pada for bayi, satu mac Jiam for s-jnis in names of animals, plants, etc., pryajaran or kpandaian for 'ilmu in names of the sciences ('Urn v meaning "magic" in the Baba Malay), Jial for pri in the translation of nouns expressing state or action, and so forth. Similarly in compound words and examples, as under the word " ear," the Baba word kupiiy should be substituted for the Malay tlirya. use prgajaran or kpandaian for 'ilmu in sciences, use purya for possessive after words marked (a). omit m after yarg, as yarg traigkan for yarg mnrargkan.

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The apostrophe is further used to indicate an initial short vowel before the consonants m and n, as in the words 'mbele, 'ntah, 'rggan, etc.

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