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So it sounds like I am doing the "right thing", by stepping back a little, getting her to see the therapist and making sure she knows that her family loves her.I plan on visiting her more often once she goes back to school.At first she was excited and began filling out the applications. It may take her time to realize problems as others are seeing so clearly.

WE have tried so hard to make her see but the more we try the father away she goes. She is so smart and talented it would be devastating to all of us.The therapy she received after the old boyfriend seemed to help, i believe the problem was she became involved with the new guy too soon.Not giving her enough time to really absorb what she talked about with the therapist. Sadly she probably gives so much that she loses herself in those relationships. I am and believe and fear that she may very well be a co dependent.The book is an oldie but goodie, many clinicians refer to this book.She also has a book called Letting Go, daily meditations for codependent- uplifting daily messages to read.

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That's a good sign that in the last relationship and the hurt it involved she recognized a need to see a therapist.