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Leaked Source, an subscriber-based aggregator of personal data found online, told Threatpost that two files containing Yahoo credentials have been available for years, including a sample text file containing 5,000 credentials, and an encrypted file containing 40 text files claiming to be from Yahoo.“We have both of them as well as the decryption key for the 40 text files which we determined to be fake,” Leaked Source said.Experts continue to caution users to be vigilant about using unique and strong passwords, or password managers.But with users faced with an overwhelming number of passwords for personal and business use, it’s quite tempting to reuse passwords.In a June interview with Wired’s Andy Greenberg, Peace said he/she was part of a hacking team that had disbanded, and that another hacker known as Tessa88 who was involved in leaking Twitter credentials and other password dumps, had started selling stolen credentials without permission from the criminal gang.This, Peace said, prompted him to start selling as well. You can’t do anything about the data that’s out there or that happened long ago,” Hunt said. One of the problems you’ve got with breaches from that era is that the acceptable norms for storing password data were quite different than today.” The Yahoo data is reportedly hashed using MD5, which has already been condemned as a broken algorithm and most providers have moved away from it.“Only Yahoo would know if it’s real because 5,000 is too small.” Already this year, Twitter, My Space, Linked In, Tumblr, Team Viewer, Vkontakte and others have been forced to reset user passwords because of massive dumps of stolen credentials online.

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“It may mean an attacker has had access to other accounts, and for how long?

” Hunt said Peace’s involvement in the Yahoo leak or breach gives it a measure of legitimacy given the rash of other confirmed leaks the hacker has been involved in.

“The 5,000 sample however may be real and provide enough evidence for Yahoo to begin resetting passwords.” The files do not include dates, but the headers include a user ID, username, country, recovery email, date of birth, recovery phone number and recovery key.

“It would not be difficult for us to obtain 5,000 users with Yahoo accounts, and then create a fake list with their country, recovery email, and birthday as well as phone number,” Leaked Source said.

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