100people dating club site

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100people dating club site

“We listen to what the client is describing to us as who they feel would be an appropriate match for them and then we use our judgment as a matchmaker to set up a first date for them,” says Amy Brinkman, franchise owner of It’s Just Lunch.

The personalized service was created for business professionals and is not an online dating service.

He went on about 10 dates, either lunch or drinks, where he met age-matched women with similar interests.

They have to be good judges of character and able to find out what the client wants in a mate.

Phillips says the matchmakers were business-oriented yet candid and honest when talking about a potential match, similar to chatting with a girlfriend.

Phillips signed up for the service after it changed ownership.

“I think it’s worth taking the risk.” Increase the odds A dinner date with a group of people maximizes the odds of a connection.

Table for Six utilizes the talents of dining coordinators and matchmakers to hand-select three women and three men to have dinner together.

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“You go to the dinner and everybody meets each other and that’s it–you see what happens,” says Marc Paiva, chief operating officer.

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